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Collegebatch is a search portal that guides eager students and parents to the educational institutions of their dreams. Our country has an abundance of colleges and universities with little to no knowledge about the same, available on the internet. The information that can make or break a decision is often tampered with and plagued by fake inputs and reviews. Collegebatch strives to bring you genuine reviews about different educational institutions in India, written by the alumni of the respective educational institutions.

It is a challenge to trust a random piece of text on the internet when the career of you or your ward is at stake. We abhor the practice of accepting reviews from any individual that wasn't a part of the college or university. This practice enables us to present you with the purest, unrefined form of inputs about the educational institution of your choice. Students face the dilemma of choosing a career and college after completing their intermediate level. We have designed the website to facilitate easy access to reliable and trustworthy educational institutions, which have been in existence for quite some time and are preferred by students pan the country.

We have tried our best to make the portal as detailed as possible. Educational institutions offer a variety of courses that are not just limited to Engineering and MBA. We have categorized the courses in a grid view which directs you to the list of all available colleges that provide a degree course of your selected course. It becomes easy to navigate the colleges course-wise, rather than searching for big-league educational institutions with limited seats and availability.

Any search for a college present in our database presents the user with a small info and an option to navigate to explore the college in detail or apply for admission into the college. The main page acts as a complete one-stop information page about the educational institution which includes its detailed information, courses and fees, available faculty profiles, campus amenities, and contact details. There is also a list of the top companies that visit the campus for recruiting freshers via placement drives. You can also choose to apply for admission into your preferred course by navigating to the apply now section.

Our core vision lies in helping you scout the best possible educational institution that bolters your career opportunities while enabling you to become proficient in your preferred course. We have a live applications pane that provides you guidance from industry experts that know the nuances of the working of educational institutions. They are an expert panel of individuals who have a proven record of establishing success in the education industry and can provide you counseling and workaround for a select few educational institutions. There is also an abroad section that lists out colleges from different parts of the world that accept students from our country. The study abroad section appeals to the graduate and master students that are eager to earn their dream certification from a renowned foreign college.

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