Knowledge Base / by Pradeep Jangid

MBA in India vs MBA from Abroad

There is a lot of confusion in the student’s mind when it comes to choosing the best MBA program. Almost everyone these days wants an international MBA and that leads us to the next question – Should one pursuing an international MBA in India or…

Knowledge Base / by Pradeep Jangid

Top 10 Mistakes Students Make While Studying

Committing Mistakes are a natural part of a student’s active study life but it’s ignoring the problems and reasons which lead to such mistakes again and again causes concern and leads to poor academic performance. Becoming aware can help students immensely by helping them avoid…

Knowledge Base / by Harsh Kushwah

If not an MBA what are your career options?

A few years ago, the society used to evaluate the status of the students based on their percentages, grades, number of degrees and colleges attended. Thankfully, due to the influence of the digital landscape, these basic stereotypes are slowly fading away. Now, the grades and…