LPUNEST 2024 – How to Prepare and Clear LPUNEST?

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LPUNEST 2019 – How to Prepare and Clear LPUNEST?

Lovely Professional University came into being in Jalandhar in 2005 under the management of Lovely International Trust. The University offers various undergraduate and post graduation programs. The various streams on offer are Engineering, MBA, PhD, Law, Hotel Management, and Architecture. They offer certification courses, diploma certificates, dual degrees, integrated programs and much more. LPU University is focused to transform education. This is the premier institute constantly working towards excellence.

Like all renowned education institutions LPU also had entrance exams and some very interesting scholarships for the deserving students.

LPUNEST (Lovely Professional University National Entrance and Scholarship Test) is an entrance test conducted by Lovely Professional University for the admission to its various programs. Moreover, they also offer a scholarship for select courses driven by their vision to provide excellence in education. They believe that talent should not be lost due to lack of monetary sources. If a student possesses the ability and talent, they deserve to be given an opportunity to excel. Hence, money does not become a hurdle for the talent with the LPUNEST scholarships.

The scholarship amount is decided based on the performance in LPUNEST exams. The deserving candidates have been awarded as high as Rs. 99000/- per year. The amount is decided based on multiple parameters. The cutoff for each category is released during the result.

The test is not too tough, but not too easy either after all you are expected to be better than your competitors in the scholarship. There are 110 MCQ’s with time duration of 150 minutes. For every correct answer, you get 4 marks and the good news is that there is no negative marking.

LPUNEST exam pattern consists of below subjects and marks

  • Physics -120 marks,
  • Chemistry -120 marks,
  • Biology /Mathematics -120 marks and
  • English – 40 marks.

Total – 400 marks.

The Eligibility criteria for LPUNEST are:

• Nationality: Indian
• Students should have completed their HSC or equivalent with 60% of marks in aggregate from ICSE, CBSE, State board or any recognized university.

Students who are appearing for their 12 exams can fill the online form and get themselves registered. The schedule for 2024 is released. The exact date is not revealed though, but two tests are conducted terms of schedule the first one is from 20th January to 5th February 2024. The next schedule is from 5th April to 30th April 2024. If students have not performed well in schedule 1, they can appear for schedule 2, the results are based on cutoffs. The exam is online and there is no manual process to appear for the same. You can buy the application kit online or manually.

As time is less, without wasting any single moment start preparation for the LPUNEST in earnest. The test is usually based on the concepts. Students must work on their concepts and start working on them.

The detailed syllabus of the exam pattern and sample paper all are uploaded on their website. Refer the syllabus section and the weightage for all the subjects and get going. Please find below the syllabus which will be useful for 2024.

Important Subjects for LPUNEST


  • Atomic Structure & Optics
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Kinematics, Gravitation & Oscillations
  • Motion
  • Thermal Physics


  • Atomic Structure, States of Matter & Thermodynamics
  • Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry and block elements
  • Hydrogen & s – Block Element
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, Polymers & Bio molecules
  • Solutions, Chemical Kinetics & Surface Chemistry


  • Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary


  • Biology, Biotechnology and Human Welfare
  • Diversity & Structural Organisation
  • Ecology and environment
  • Human Physiology
  • Plant Physiology
  • Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution


  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Limit, Integration, Differentiation
  • Matrix
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Trigonometry

The marks pattern is typically as below but subject to change:

  • 30 questions for Physics,
  • 30 questions for Chemistry,
  • 30 questions for Biology,
  • 30 questions for Mathematics,
  • 20 questions for English.

Each question from English Section is for 2 marks. In other sections every correct answer will get you 4 marks. Students can either attempt for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English or Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English.

Now as you are aware of the exam schedule, approximate marks distribution and syllabus you can plan your preparation accordingly. Hard work and proper planning will help you excel at LPUnest.

How to prepare for the LPUNEST?

Ambition: The very first step is to decide which career you want to pursue and then start preparing for it. If you want to become an Engineer Mathematics form an integral part and if you want to become the doctor, then Biology forms an integral part. This will help you eradicate one subject and then accordingly you can prepare for the remaining subjects like Physics, chemistry, English, Mathematics/Biology.

Planning: As the topics and weightage is uploaded on the site. Prepare accordingly for them. Make a Timetable and allot effective time for all the subjects as they all carry equal weightage.

Decide the best time for you and start extensively preparing for the same.

• In the morning schedule, you can devote some time for Biology/Physics.
• In the afternoon schedule, you can devote some time to Mathematics
• In the evening schedule, you can devote some time to English/ Chemistry.

If you are occupied with schools and tuitions for your HSC make a point whenever you cover your syllabus try to cover all the important topics mentioned above. This practice will make your concept clear and will also help in your boards. With HSC you will have to surely take out some extra time for the preparation of entrance tests.

This management is possible only with the proper timetable. Without timetable you won’t be able to focus on anything. Ultimately you will get messed up which will lead to stress and ultimately it will affect your performance. As the exam schedules in May, you can also study after your boards. But with HSC if you start clearing your concepts it will add a value. So, after boards, you can dedicatedly allot some time for solving papers.

Practice Mock Papers: Your preparation for an entrance test is incomplete without practicing mock papers. Make sure you solve at least last two years papers of LPUNEST question paper. This will help to improve your speed and accuracy.

You can also refer books for LPUNEST- Some of the good books are listed below

• Problem in General Physics and Chemistry by I E Irodov and Narendra Awasthi respectively.
• General Aptitude Theory and Practice
• NCERT Maths 11th and 12th
• RD Sharma book for class 11th and 12th
• Integral Calculus by Amit Agarwal
• Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison
• Problems in Mathematics with Hints and Solutions
• Concept of Physics by HC Verma

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