10 Useful Apps for College Students

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10 Useful Apps for College Students

Best Apps for College Students

Nowadays in this digital world where everything is available online, students have the unique opportunity to save time and learn more. It’s not just websites that help, now there are separate applications for each and every service / information you need. All you need is to pick your mobile phone and download the application from the application store i.e.; App Store for iPhone users and Play Store for Android users and your are ready to go. As per your mobile brand you can find and download all the required Apps.

But there are a lot more things beyond YouTube, Music and Games that the mobile devices can be used for especially when it comes to improving at studies.

Students can use their mobile phone in a way to get rid of the weight of heavy books thus stay updated with the latest things as well. There are many applications available in application stores just dedicated to students. These apps can be used in different study purposes you decide. You can find apps for making timetables, schedules, presentations, notes, designs and many other things. There are some apps which are proving to be boon for college students as those apps simplify their life and students can enjoy their study and learning more than before. With the help of these apps you can be more efficient in your studies, can connect with more and more people and manage your time as well. There are many free apps available in the stores too. Nowadays many schools and colleges have their own apps where you can get all details related to your college events, schedules, exam schedule, and syllabus.

There are a few most common applications which one can find in almost every student’s mobile are YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Kindle, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc.

YouTube is a very useful App, as it helps you to get the knowledge about various topics. Be it Chemistry, Biology or Mathematic you have dedicated videos for all the sections. If you have a doubt on thermodynamics or law of motions just search about the topics and you will have tutorials. You can get online tutorials on YouTube and it really helps students in every possible way to enhance their knowledge in any subject of their choice.

WhatsApp is a social messaging application, but it is also helpful for students as they can create, they group where they can discuss any study related or social topics with their friends. It also helps them to relate to each other.

Kindle is a kind of online book app. In this app, you can find many books of your choice and can download them and read whenever you want to.

But here is the list of 10 must have application list other than the above listed:

Dictionary: To search any word at any point of time you need not check your bulky old dictionary book, you can just use the Dictionary app and find the word there. There are some alternatives also available as the Dictionary.com, Oxford Dictionary, and many more, so you can just check your requirements and check the reviews and compare the different options available in the store and then download. These apps available free of cost and many of them can be used in offline mode as well.

Cram: Cram is a free app used for creating flash cards. Flash cards help to study or memorize difficult topics. You can create different sets of flashcards and prioritize the topics which you study frequently.

Adobe PDF Reader: There must be adobe PDF reader available in your phone if you are a student or a professional. The app will help you to drop book side and you can open and read any PDF file on your phone.

Homework Student Planner: With the help of this planner app you can keep yourself well planned and organized. This is a kind of planner which you can access from anywhere. This app you can get in any app store as in iPhone or Androids. With the help of this app, you can get track of your schedule for classes, exams, and other important events.

WunderList: This app can be used to create your To-do list. So, with the help of this app you can make a list of all the important task you need to perform during a day, a week or for a month and then you can track your record matching with this list.

Microsoft OneNote: This app can help you to collect the audio files, notes, images, and videos at one place and it also helps you to organize all your data digitally at one platform. This collected and stored once you can access the data from anywhere like in your phone, laptop or desktops.

G-suite: This is previously known as Google Apps. G-suits comprises of apps like Sheets, Gmail, Google Drive, Slide, Calendar, and a few other applications from Google support. This package gives you many things as you can use the Gmail for your email account access and communications. Google drive can be used for saving all important and large files. The Slide can be used for the access of PPTs. And all these you can access from anywhere anytime.

Chegg: This is one of the first kind of app, for a student which is very useful. This app provides you to buy or rent the books online with the lowest rate possible as compare to the market. With this app, you can get live tutors’ facility, textbooks guides which can help you to complete your homework. They offer Expert Q&A, E Tutoring.

Alarm Clock: This is an interesting app which helps you to make your timetable. From waking up to every hour break till sleep at night. With this smart app you can track your sleep and sleep pattern. It does not allow over sleeping yet organizes your day.

Scanner app: This is one of the other most important apps, every student must have on his mobile. The app provides you to scan the documents from anywhere at any time. During the college time students usually need a lot of documents to be scanned or various forms to be submitted. With this app, you can save the document in form of image or PDF and then can send immediately to anyone with email or message.

So, these are some apps which every student must have in their phones / tablets. Apart from the above mentioned the student can also download some resume building apps as Resume Start, My Resume building, job portal apps as naukri, monster and some social apps like LinkedIn. These apps will help you to plan your career.

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