How to control sleep and study more?

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How to Control Sleep & Study more?

How to reduce sleep and study more?

As the saying goes “As I pick my books up for study, I start feeling sleepy”. Almost every student complains of this problem to their parents. Students think they trapped in “Sleep Attack” when it comes to studies. While some of them are really trapped some make excuses to escape from books. The studies have revealed that 2 in every 10 students face this issue before their assignments or exams. Sleep during study can cost you time and loss of marks.

Why we do feel sleep during reading or study?

According to scientists when humans sit for study or reading, they sit in a relaxed mode. So, humans only use their mind and physical works tends to be zero. And this leads to the stagnation of Lactic acid in the body cells. When the Lactic acid is high, oxygen absorbing substances reduces the flow of blood to the brain. The less oxygen in blood or say less oxygenated blood tires our brain and we humans start feeling sleepy in this posture.

There is also a psychological reason too, if the topic is not of interest to you, your mind tends to float to other thoughts and this leads to lack of concentration which can make you feel lethargic & sleepy.

How to get away from sleep while study?

There are standard beliefs that if you feel like sleeping just have tea or coffee to drive away your sleep. Basically using caffeine based drinks like tea, coffee, energy drinks is the solution is what everyone says because it was thought caffeine products give you energy. This phenomenon is going away as doctors say that these kind of energy drinks or use of excessive caffeine can make you unhealthy. So, do avoid all these things.

So, keeping this advice in mind, let’s talk about some tips and tricks to control your sleep during your study hours.

Avoid physical work: To keep yourself free for study you must kept yourself fresh and for same, you need to avoid the physical hard work before starting to study. Because if you will do physical work that will make your body tired after which it will demand rest and this will ultimately lead to sleep.

Use straight back chair: To keep yourself away from sleep you must use a chair and table for study, rather than study on bed. When you study on bed you tend to relax by natural posture and soon you will think “I will sleep for half an hour and then study, but alarm will get snoozed and your hours will be wasted”, so use a study table. Sit in a proper posture which is straight on the chair facing the table. That is the reason many students prefer to study in library.

Water: It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated. So drinking water at regular intervals will keep you refreshed and help you to get away from sleep. There was a study conducted in year 2013 in London, according to which, when you drink water it improves your brain functions and if you drink less water it shrinks your brain cells. So, when you drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated your brain cells works promptly and prevents unwanted drowsiness.

Group Study: This is one of the best ways to keep you awake during studies. When you study in group you make conversation with others and you don’t feel bored or overdone in that case.

Plan Breaks: It is very important to have quick breaks during study. When you study without break for a long period of time, your mind gets saturated and you are neither able to concentrate on study nor sleep. So, breaks are very important during study so that you can refresh yourselves. It is suggested that in every 1 hr, you should take a break of 10 mins. It also helps to enhance memory and helps you remember topics in mind for long time.

Music, Garden etc: Music among the best sources of refreshment and even during your studies music will help you to get your grip back. It doesn’t really work for everyone but you can have your own means of concentration like some people study better in gardens, while some like to study in the silence of the terrace etc. These choices can be your best partner sometimes especially when its silence everywhere and you are dozing off.

Speak loud: Researchers say that if you study while reading loud, this will help you memorize topics more quickly and you will not feel sleepy. Reciting your topics loud has a double advantage so why not try it.

Try different topics: If you study a same topic for a long time you start losing interest thus concentration breaks, leading to boredom and then sleep knocks at your doorstep. So, you must change the topics to stay away from drowsiness.

Eat healthy: Your eating habits are very important for your study pattern. Doctors suggest that every student should eat a proper and healthy diet. Healthy diet includes enough level of nutrients and water. When you eat healthy your mind will automatically be healthy and you will not feel sleepy.

Brighten your room: Different light setting have different impact on you. If your room’s lights are dull and low, you will not be feeling interested in study. So, it is suggested that the study room must be bright. There should be proper lights in room and the color of the paint should also be light and on the brighter side. So together, paint on walls and lights can enlighten the whole ambiance making it more suitable for study.

There are some more common practices which you can use, such as washing your face with cold water, do not read books or not use laptops/desktops from too near, keep yourself away from distraction devices as mobile phone and other gadgets. Students when feeling too sleepy can study while walking or sit in their balconies to refresh their minds. Don’t take extra stress, avoid thinking so much about any difficult topic or subjects and always keep your positive attitude towards your study. You can also skip the difficult topics when you feel sleepy and choose the interesting ones instead.

So dear students keep yourself ready and pull up your socks. Start your study with all your best efforts. There is no perfect technique or tricks available in this world who can teach you how to study for long, it’s only your determination which will lead you to the ladder of success. If you will dedicate your time and plan your studies properly success is all ready for you. Follow your heart and focus on your passion.

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