Got Low marks in graduation – what are your PG Course options?

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Got Low marks in graduation – what are your PG Course options?

It is rightly said that results are main reasons of all the hard work during student life. You study entire year but what matters are the marks. And then it doesn’t end once the result is displayed the next rat race begins. The ambitious people start well in advance for the upcoming courses after graduating. But the real fight is for the people who scoreless and are a loss when come to PG course options after graduation. Always remember one thing in your life, the college result is never the end, but always a fresh start to a new opportunity. If one door closes the other new path is waiting for you to walk through – all you need to do is look hard. It is like you are destined to pursue some other career. Sometimes we want to become an engineer or doctor, but destiny has say.

We always come across several case studies like our Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam who specialised in aeronautical engineering from Madras Institute of Technology but was desperate to pursue a career in flying. He always wanted to become pilot, but ultimately he could not succeed in flying but then look at what life had in store for him, He was disappointed but he never gave up and one day he became our “Missile Man”. He also became our President and contributed immensely towards the development of our country.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam says
“It is only when we are faced with failure do, we realise that these resources were always there within us. We only need to find them and move on with our lives”

Failure is always difficult to accept but it always is an opportunity to choose a path for you. You can think of making your passion a career. There was a time when we had handful of career and job options but today, we are flooded with opportunities.

After “Startup India” an initiative of the Government of India, you have new opportunities to knock on. There are online courses for Entrepreneurship. You might want to start a trail blazing innovation driven organization just like so many new age successful entrepreneurs. Take the example of Mark Zuckerberg who started Facebook during his college days with his dorm partner or there Michael Dell who brought a new wave in the business of personal computer manufacturing and marketing and made Dell Computer a name everyone knows today. It’s not just in the area of technology that you can make a mark consider the case of Fred Smith (not heard of him Na) the man who made overnight courier possible with grit and determination and founded FedEx. And its awe inspiring when you learn that his inspiration his own economics class project about the potential market opportunity for an overnight delivery business model company. And by the way he got a C grade for that paper,

Below are few post-graduation courses which you can pursue after getting low score in graduation:

1) Entrepreneurship: five online courses which you can pursue

  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills at Coursera.
    • Entrepreneurship–From Idea to Launch at Udemy.
    • New Venture Finance: Startup Funding For Entrepreneurs at Coursera.
    • Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management at Coursera.
    • Marketing in a Digital World at Coursera.You can also avail for MBA in EntrepreneurshipMBA Entrepreneurship Development:  If you aspire to be an entrepreneur then all you need is a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or an equivalent bachelor’s. Needless to say it’s a competing world and the university / institute recognition and status are important to be eligible for MBA Entrepreneurship course, you can take admission in MBA Colleges in Bangalore. Of course if you are lucky then candidates with 45% of marks in aggregate are also accepted.

2) Business Correspondent Courses:

As we know the start-ups are emerging and with that, the responsibility to fulfill demands follows and that’s here the role of a business correspondent comes in. If you cannot join a full -time course then the option of a correspondence course is also available. The Business cycle starts with customer relationship management, handling quotes, order placement and timely delivery. This course also provides you with an overview of financial and management skills which are required to run business. This course is open to all who have a graduate degree with 45% marks.

3) PG Diploma Courses in Banking, Finance or Management (PGDM):

There are several distance learning or correspondence courses from Symbiosis or Welingkar Institute of Management or Manipal Sikkim University which gives you lots of options. One or two year programs, advanced certifications courses are available.

4) Insurance Related Courses:

With insurance sector at its boost there are many opportunities to build strong professional career in insurance sector.

  • Risk and Insurance Management:

This program will help you property, liability, health and life insurance, employee benefits programs and government insurance programs. After this you can get a job in any bank for sales sector.

  • Property Insurance Course:

With everyone buying homes, cars and getting insured their properties this will surely add a feather to your cap.

Eligibility: A graduate student in any discipline with minimum 50% marks is eligible for this course

5) IT Courses:

If you are crazy for software and want to pursue that career .You can avail for various certification IT courses for Oracle certification program, Software Testing Training program, Java Certification Courses Animation, Designing from various accredited universities like Aptech, SEED and many more.

6) Hotel Management:

If you want to make your career in hotel industry you can opt for diploma courses in hotel management. You can also do a Masters in Hotel Management after graduation.

Minimum qualification required for Hotel Management course is graduation. Students can even opt for certificate diploma or even degree course. Certificate courses can be of six months to one year duration.

7) Hospitality Management:

You can do master’s in hospitality management. It’s a two-year full-time course with any graduation degree. Hospitality industry is increasing day by day and you can get job option in various airlines.

8) M.Com/M.Sc:

If you have scored very less in graduation and do not wish to change your field. You can still continue with your field and pursue M.Com or M.Sc and try to score good in your post graduate program. After this program you can opt for Doctoral Degree. PhD /Masters in Business Administration.

If you have scored very less in graduation you should try hard to score well in Masters. Digital Marketing or Affiliate marketing courses are also available. Try to appear for government bank exams and apply for them. It’s never the end if you are motivated and determined.

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